Implementing project “Translate, print and train usage of the cataloguing rule Resource Description and Access – RDA 2015 revision”

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In implementation of the task assigned by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to the National Library of Viet Nam (NLV) on the project “Translate, print and train usage of the cataloguing rule Resource Description and Access – RDA 2015 revision”, on July 12, 2016, the NLV hold a meeting to implement the project.

At the meeting, on behalf of the agency in charge of the project, Mrs. Kieu Thuy Nga – the NLV’s Director has given an overview of RDA, its application in the world, the process to research and propose the project to translate RDA 2015 by the NLV, plan and timeline of the project during 2016-2017. She aslo emphasized that the aim of the project is towards unifying and standardizing the descriptive cataloguing activity in Vietnamese libraries by applying a new international standard cataloguing rule which is consistent with the development trend of the world libraries and actual situation of Vietnamese libraries in developing towards digital libraries; the goal of the project is to publish the most update and quality version of RDA in Vietnamese language as a tool to ensure the unification of the descriptive cataloguing activity nationwide, contribute to information resources sharing among libraries domestically and internationally, and become a good reference material for those universities offering LIS training and for the research institutions of library sciences throughout the country. It is planned that, after launching the Vietnamese RDA – 2015 revision, the NLV is going to organize training courses on using RDA for cataloguers of the whole country during the year 2017.

At the meeting, lists of the Advisory Board, Editorial Revision Board and Translation Team for RDA 2015 have been adopted. Participant’s exchanging ideas have come to an agreement that they support  and appreciate the NLV’s initiative of translating RDA 2015 for its practicalities; at the same time, they also emphasized that in order to achieve RDA implementation on a large scale, it is needed to have supports and strong commitment of the Library Department, the NLV and libraries throughout the country. Translation and application of RDA will mark a new development step of Viet Nam’s library sector, help its library community have one more standard cataloguing tool for the whole system, effectively support the mission of creating and archiving the intellectual collections of the whole library sector, and contribute to implementing the goal “Standardization, Sharing, Integration”

Some photos of the same events:

Mrs. Kieu Thuy Nga – NLV’s Director gives overview of the project to translate RDA 2015

Mrs. Vu Duong Thuy Nga – Director of Library Department speaks at the meeting

Mr. Le Xuan Dinh – Director of National Agency for Science and Technology Information speaks at the meeting

Mr Pham The Khang – President of Vietnamese Library Association speaks at the meeting

Mr. Kieu Van Hot – Editor in chief of the Vietnamese RDA 2015 gives instructions about translating, editing and revising the RDA – 2015 revision


News: Bui Thi Thuy; Photos: Hung Manh